Distinguished Scientists

The 4th USBK Abstracts Book has been published online on our website. To access the abstracts book, please click on the link below: 


IV. The International Social Sciences Congress will be held between 1-2 June 2023 by Gümüşhane University as a hybrid (face-to-face and online sessions). We expect you, esteemed scientists, to participate in the congress, which will last for two days.

In the context of "Earthquake In the Social Sciences", which was determined as the primary concern and scope of the congress in 2023, it will be discussed with studies in the field of social sciences. IV. International Social Sciences Congress; The meeting of scientists and researchers working in the field of social sciences will make a valuable contribution to the exchange of ideas. Hosted by Gümüşhane University, The congress, which will be held between 1-2 June 2023, will be a comprehensive activity to identify and evaluate the problems encountered in social sciences and offer solutions to them.

Prof.Dr. Halil İbrahim ZEYBEK (Gümüşhane University Rector) 

Prof.Dr. Mustafa Doğan KARACOŞKUN (Kilis 7 Aralık University Rector) 

Prof.Dr. Yavuz ÜNAL (Ondokuz Mayıs University Rector) 

Prof.Dr. Alim YILDIZ (Sivas Cumhuriyet University Rector) 

Prof.Dr. İbrahim ÇAPAK (Bingöl University Rector)